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Who is Timothy Griesel?

Tim is a professional photographer and full-time servant to the social media engine. Tim has been assisting companies grow and understand why social media plays an important role in a company’s marketing portfolio and how companies can best use Social Media and Social Media Advertising to get the best out of a limited marketing budget. Tim has also assisted companies with Introductory Video’s and Interview type videos.
NextGen Creative Media is a social media management and content creation company based out of Johannesburg South Africa. With a team of dedicated professionals managing a wide range of clients from almost every sector of the South African market, NextGen Creative Media, has a solution that will fit you and your budget. NextGen Creative Media specialises in Social Media Management, Content Development, Social Media Strategy, Videography, Photography, 3D Virtual Tours as well as Search Engine Optimisation and Web Development and at the core of it, sits Tim, the digital dynamo behind NextGen Creative Media.


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